638nm 700mW 14500 Laser Pointer

A unique color of laser pointer. Very similar to deep red lasers we are accustomed to. This laser pointer has terrible beam divergence due to it's multimode diode characteristics. The focused point is a small line rather than a point. This laser is not a good burner, but perfect for collecting unique wavelengths.

  • OD 3+ Laser Safety Goggles are requires to operate this product. (638nm range)

  • Requires 1x 14500 3.7v button top battery capable of 3A CONTINUOUS. (not included)

  • Keep lens CLEAN! DO NOT BURN OBJECTS CLOSELY! Lens will collect soot and melt.

  • Recommended duty cycle: 1 minute ON, 5 minutes OFF.

  • No reverse polarity protection. (INSERTING BATTERY BACKWARDS WILL DAMAGE LASER)

  • Class IV Laser; can instantly burn materials.

  • Manual focus lens.

  • Measures: 100mm x 21mm x 21mm

  • Weight: 97g without battery, 117g with battery.

  • Uses USHIO HL63613MG 5.6mm laser diode.

  • Single mode driver.

  • Stainless steel body.

  • High beam divergence at short distances.

  • Lifetime warranty, see details.