488nm 110mW 14500 Laser Pointer

A very beautiful, exotic color. The color is a pure teal/cyan to the eyes, that which a camera cannot truly capture accurately. The beam is quite visible at night, and slightly visible in dimly lit areas. It's lower power makes it ideal for astronomy or outdoor daylight pointing.

  • OD 2+ Laser Safety Goggles are requires to operate this product. (488nm range)

  • Requires 1x 14500 3.7v button top battery capable of 500mA CONTINUOUS. (not included)

  • Keep lens CLEAN! DO NOT BURN OBJECTS CLOSELY! Lens will collect soot and melt.

  • No reverse polarity protection. (INSERTING BATTERY BACKWARDS WILL DAMAGE LASER)

  • Continuous duty cycle.

  • Class IIIb Laser; can burn materials if focused beam is held long enough.

  • Manual focus lens.

  • Measures: 100mm x 21mm x 21mm

  • Weight: 97g without battery, 117g with battery.

  • Uses Sharp GH04850B2G 5.6mm laser diode.

  • Single mode driver.

  • Stainless steel body.

  • Lifetime warranty, see details.