405nm 1000mW 14500 Laser Pointer

Being close to ultraviolet frequencies, this laser has a UV effect. 405nm is perfect for engraving as its short wavelength is good at focusing at a tiny point. Almost everything will phosphoresce (glow) under this laser beam for a short period of time, even peanut butter!

  • OD 3+ Laser Safety Goggles are requires to operate this product. (405nm range)

  • Requires 1x 14500 3.7v button top battery capable of 3A CONTINUOUS. (not included)

  • Keep lens CLEAN! DO NOT BURN OBJECTS CLOSELY! Lens will collect soot and melt.

  • Recommended duty cycle: 1 minute ON, 5 minutes OFF.

  • No reverse polarity protection. (INSERTING BATTERY BACKWARDS WILL DAMAGE LASER)

  • UV output; fluorescent effect.

  • Class IV Laser, can instantly burn materials.

  • Manual focus lens.

  • Measures: 100mm x 21mm x 21mm

  • Weight: 97g without battery, 117g with battery.

  • Uses Sharp GH04W10A2GC 5.6mm laser diode.

  • Single mode driver.

  • Stainless steel body.

  • Lifetime warranty, see details.