Laser Power Meter

Measure's your laser pointer's power from 10mW - 4000mW.
Simply turn on, shine the unfocused laser beam onto the black thermopile and wait 30 seconds for result to stabilize.

  • Do not focus laser diode onto sensor face! Doing so will damage the sensor coating.

  • Do not touch the sensor or metal heatsink.

  • Keep laser beam perpendicular with sensor face for accurate reading.

  • Requires one 9v battery. (not included)

  • Zeroing potentiometer on the front of device.

  • Red LCD wattage display for ease of use with blue laser protecting goggles.

  • ~30 second response time.

  • 4w max laser power limit (unfocused).

  • Plastic enclosure.

  • Lifetime warranty, see details.